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Pathways to Success: Dyslexia Throughout the Generations

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Pathways to Success: Dyslexia Throughout the Generations 

We're Going to England!

We are excited to announce that we have been invited to present at the British Dyslexia Association International Conference on Friday, March 11 2016 in Oxford, England! 

The title of our poster presentation is “Can a Web-Based Survey Speak to the Lived Experience of Adults with Dyslexia?” This study is based on our first national online survey and presents a case for offering at least one open-ended question at the conclusion of the online survey. 

We were astounded that of the 224 participants 50.4% responded by sharing rich personal narratives. Our presentation will summarize the stories of participants’ day to day life with dyslexia. Themes include their school experience, emotional experience, family support, generational dyslexia, coping, and yearning/social perception. We are in the process of writing a manuscript based on these findings. 

This will be our second time presenting our work at the British Dyslexia Association International Conference. We are impressed with the BDA’s commitment to bringing dyslexia out from the shadows and improving the educational and life experiences of individuals with dyslexia and their families. 

You Can Make a Difference!

  “Not knowing that my child had dyslexia was     like being in the dark.”

  “I don't want my child with dyslexia to     experience giving up on himself/herself like I did.”

    “When my child was diagnosed with  dyslexia, the findings brought up the pain of my past with dyslexia.”

These compelling statements are from parents with  dyslexia who are raising a child with dyslexia. They  participated in a study of how dyslexia affects their  families’ day to day lives. Your participation in the next phase of our study can help bring validation to the experiences of parents with dyslexia raising children with dyslexia.

If you are a parent with dyslexia raising a child/children with dyslexia (diagnosed or self-identified) and want to make a difference, please consider participating in our study!

If interested, please email:
Ayrien Davis at davisa10@students.ecu.edu  or
Hailey Harris at harrisha13@students.ecu.edu 
of the East Carolina University School of Social Work. 

Call us toll free at 877-261-9822!