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Pathways to Success: Dyslexia Throughout the Generations

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Pathways to Success: Dyslexia Throughout the Generations 

Do you remember what it was like when you first realized that your child also has dyslexia?
 As a parent, based on your own experience with dyslexia, how do you view the influence of dyslexia in your child's life?

ECU School of Social Work Dyslexia Research Team has great news!
With IRB approval, our new study is up and running and we would appreciate your participation.

East Carolina University School of Social Work is seeking parents with dyslexia who are raising or supporting a child/adolescent with dyslexia or supporting adult offspring with dyslexia. 

If you are interested in participating in this study, or would like additional information, please contact us!

1-877-261-9822 (toll free)

News Flash! We are excited to announce our most recent publication found in the British Journal of Social Work. To access the article please click the link below.
We are excited to announce that we presented our research at the British Dyslexia Association 9th International Conference in Guildford, England on Saturday, March 29, 2014. The title of our presentation was “Adults with Dyslexia, an Invisible Disability: The Mediational Role of Concealment on Perceived Family Support and Self-Esteem.”
While in England we met with Dr. Julie Logan who is perhaps best known for her work on the connection between entrepreneurs and dyslexia. She is a partner in our present research on intergenerational dyslexia. 
We also had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Melody Terras, who is highly regarded for her research on parents who are raising children with dyslexia. 

Elisheva Schwartz is on a quest to change the perception of dyslexia by encouraging a strength-based definition. The Dyslexia Quest is “the fastest growing media platform in all of the special education genre.” She is passionate about her work and encourages anyone who is curious about dyslexia to join her on this journey. The use of the Dyslexia Quest Podcast includes many interviews with leading experts in the field who discuss the many different aspects of dyslexia.

Dr. Blace Nalavany and Dr. Lena Carawan were recently interviewed by Elisheva Schwartz. Drs. Nalavany and Carawan spoke about their research and specifically addressed adult dyslexia and self-esteem. You can watch Drs. Nalavany and Carawan’s interview by clicking on the following link:

We are excited  to share our most recent manuscript published in January 2015 on dyslexia in late adulthood titled, "Emotional experience with dyslexia and self-esteem: the protective role of perceived family support in late adulthood". Please click on the following link to read: