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Pathways to Success: Dyslexia Throughout the Generations 
Please Check out the Online Resources Provided
Online Resources:

Reading Rockets offers helpful information regarding different assistive technologies for those with learning difficulties and how some of these devices can help with reading. It also includes resources for parents, teachers, and others.
Link:  http://www.readingrockets.org/article/assistive-technology-kids-learning-disabilities-overview

Learning Disabilities Association of America provides useful information regarding learning difficulties and provides resources for parents. This website offers support for parents who may be trying to learn more about learning difficulties.
Link:  https://ldaamerica.org/parents/

Reading Resource.net provides multiple reading resources for children in pre-school through 5th grade. This site offers over 20,000 free worksheets that build on reading skills.
Link: http://www.readingresource.net/

Learning Works for Kids provides online activities that aid children with dyslexia and also provides useful information regarding dyslexia and useful tools. 
Link: http://learningworksforkids.com/2014/01/online-activities-for-helping-kids-with-dyslexia/

Dyslexia Materials provides a list of multiple resources for parents. The list of resources includes: videos, organizations, tools, school info, etc. 
Link: https://www.dyslexiamaterials.com/free-resources.html

SEN Teacher offers free printable activities for reading and math.
Link: http://www.senteacher.org/print/

Assistive Apps:

1. Google Play Books: This app is able to read books aloud for a dyslexic student and allows them to follow along on their device. 

​2. Dragon Dictation: This app is able to record a student’s voice and turn it into text. This app can aid in writing exercises within the classroom.

3. Natural Reader: The app allows individuals to copy and paste from websites and turn text into speech.  

4. Gboard-The Google Keyboard: This keyboard allows for voice typing and you are also able to search and share anything you search on Google.

5. Mind Meister: This app helps with note taking in a user-friendly format that is easy to understand.

National Dyslexia Sites:





•        https://www.learningally.org/

Local Resources:

Greenville Learning Center partners with local schools in order to provide resources for children with learning difficulties. 
Link: http://greenvillelearningcenter.org/about/history/

Southridge Learning Center is a tutoring and psychological testing center.
Link: https://www.southridgelearningcenter.com/about-us/

Dyslexic like Me is a resource website for individuals with dyslexia. There is also a list of dyslexic schools in North Carolina with information regarding these schools provided.
Link: http://dyslexiclikeme.net/?page_id=105