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Exciting Research Opportunity!

Are you a parent with dyslexia and raising a child, between the ages of 7 to 18, with dyslexia?

Do you want to help others understand how dyslexia affects the life of a parent and offspring?

If so, please join our IRB approved research study on dyslexia throughout the generations!

Statements From Our Previous Research

“Not knowing that my child had dyslexia was like being in the dark.”

“I don't want my child with dyslexia to experience giving up on himself/herself like I did.”

“When my child was diagnosed with dyslexia, the findings brought up the pain of my past with dyslexia.”

These compelling statements are from parents with dyslexia who are raising a child with dyslexia. They participated in a study of how dyslexia affects their families’ day to day lives. Your participation in the next phase of our study can help bring validation to the experiences of parents with dyslexia raising children with dyslexia.

If Interested, Please Email:

 Dr. Lena W. Carawan (carawanl@ecu.edu) and Dr. Blace A. Nalavany (nalavanyb@ecu.edu) 


ECU Master of Social Work Graduate Students: 

 Gaoshen Lor, (lorg13@students.ecu.edu) 
Sepideh Bandegan (bandegans15@students.ecu.edu)

Call us toll free at 877-261-9822

Lor, 2018